Selfish wishful thinking.


Selfish wishful thinking.

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FYF Fest: Future Islands

FYF third-timers Future Islands came rock the Main Stage on Saturday. Though frontman Samuel T. Herring announced his voice wasn’t up to par, there’s no way any of us would have noticed. Fans and wanderers were intrigued by this particular group of dudes in the lineup for a variety of reasons: great music, great lyrics, great dancing, etc. We were happy to have these guys play our House Party a couple weeks ago in Brooklyn and even happier to see them on this side of the U.S. playing favorites like “Back In The Tall Grass” and “Seasons (Waiting On You).” And to see Mr. Herring’s classic moves, of course. 

Photos: Nikki Scoggins


A hand full of Don Kenn’s Amazing art work drawn on post-it notes.

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"Would losing me even be a loss?"

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